Ghosts of Revolution

by Spectres

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liam joyce
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liam joyce Big. This band rocks my tits.
Nuno Lourenço
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Nuno Lourenço One of my absolute fav EP's this year so far. What a great thrash/death infused with progressive elements. Awesome stuff Favorite track: Tremble Before Us.
TRAV HART thumbnail
TRAV HART Another band with excellent heavy music literally giving it away. Has a little bit of everything and all of it is good. Favorite track: Marinated Brains.
Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Depuis quelques temps, j'avais un peu délaissé le thrash death mélodique ; mais Spectres, grâce à son approche moderne du style, est le genre de groupe à vous remettre le pied à l'étrier...en vous bottant le cul. Favorite track: Blood of Our Rulers.
Can This Even Be Called Music?
Can This Even Be Called Music? thumbnail
Can This Even Be Called Music? The guys of Spectres really have shown of what they’re capable of, and that is something you’ll want to listen to. I’m already eager to listen to some new music from them!
Review: Favorite track: Ghosts of Revolution.
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An homage to revolutions, past and present.


released July 22, 2014

Guitars, Bass, Keys: Jim Miner
Drums, Vocals, Keys: Adam Ward
All music written by Adam Ward and Jim Miner
All lyrics written by Adam Ward
Recorded/Mixed by Adam Ward

Mastered by Paul Miner (

Artwork by Eric Priestley (



all rights reserved


Spectres San Jose, California

Two dudes, one band.

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Track Name: Marinated Brains
This is just the beginning,
A vicious cycle destined by man.

The truth has made it's cameo appearance, it's precious moment of fame. Now, give up the ghost.

In a war of worlds where titans collide in a battle for the end of time,
We are insignificant pawns pitted against each other in these significant times.


The chains of subjugation are dragging us down
Deeper into the abyss,
Into the unknown.
Just follow me down.

We must keep this illusion of war,
It's the only means we know.

Surrender your life and kneel before us.
Stand up and revolt, disrupt the empire...
Track Name: Exorcise Your Rights
Drowning in depression.
Struggling to control inhibitions.
Crushing those that surround me
Losing everything for nothing

Twisting words of dead men
Doesn't make a wise man.
Spitting vitriolic falsehoods,
Power breeding corruption.

Exorcise your rights.
Take up your banner
And join in the fight.
Exorcise your rights,
Stand on your box
and speak your mind.

Withered away and dying
Choking the life out of society.
It's pulling me in,
It's dragging us down,
It's everywhere and all around.
Embrace the glorious spin machine.

We have lost our way...
Forgotten dreams, cast away.
A nation led astray,
Believing whoever pays.

You traded the truth for the same old song.
Just a pawn in the game of thrones.
Never mind the deadly consequence,
They won't miss you when you're gone and dead.

Bow your heads,
And join your hands
In worship of the greatest lie ever told.
Every day we, protect the depraved
While we hide behind the illusion of a creator.

Free yourself from the chains of your hateful god.

Ween the masses off their opiate.
Educate the ignorant.
Break the cycle of demise.
Open your eyes, free your mind.

Track Name: Tremble Before Us
Lies are these isolating forces that deepen the divide between the left and right.
War in our living rooms.
We're dumbing down our minds, while letting them decide.

Now cower in fear,
Believing all that you hear.
Terror, everywhere.
(Where) is our courage?
Herded like sheep by unscrupulous men,
Who profit off our skin,
While living a life of opulence and consumption.

No one said it was fair,
But this is politics.
And they're the ones on fucking top.

You, you've betrayed us!
You stole our lives and squandered our trust!
You, You sold us out...

Bleed this world of all that is righteous.
Desecrate what we hold sacred.
Our voice,
Our freedom.

An alliance most surreptitious,
Press and politician,
An incestuous violation
Of the constitution of this nation.
Regurgitated excrement
Flowing down from the very top.

You, you've betrayed me!
You stole my life and squandered my trust!
You, You sold us out...

Take control of your plight!
It's the springtime...
Awake and fight!
The world trembles before you...

Throw down your arms
And march by my side!

As we bring about change
And educate the minds of a population that's starving for knowledge,
Opportunity and purpose.
Ignorance is only bliss until
We are suffocated by the violence of a fascist regime.

Dehumanize society's marginalized.
Militarize and hyper-religify.
A diabolical contrivance of coercion.
Sensationalize the nation's moral demise.
Focus your eyes on the lives of contrived wives.
Millions will die
and be buried alive,
Broadcasted live
and prominently advertised
Before your eyes.

All I ever wanted was some peace and quiet,
But now you've forced my hand.
Armed with only hatred,
Red is all I see,
As I ride in to the grave...

Track Name: E Pluribus Unum
It happened in front of our eyes.
With their foot on our throats,
We were left to drown in our own ignorance.
Helpless and dependent on only them.

Slowly they took what we built,
Left with blistered hands and empty mouths.
Denied our basic rights,
We'd rather live free or...

This age of oppression ends.
The have-nots will have again!

We're out gunned but ready to fight.
Raped, pillaged and desecrated,
We must defend our human rights.
Covered by the shadow of night,
Infiltrate and end their precious lives.
Because our children starve and cry,
This is why they deserve to...

This age of oppression ends.
The have-nots will have again!

Surrender now!
There is no hope for you.
We are one million strong,
You can take your crown and fuck right off.
We got you surrounded
And now it's your turn to pay
In the name of liberty and

Justice is what we seek.

This age of oppression ends.
The have-nots will have again!

Out of many, one!
We've got ourselves a revolution.
Out of many, one!
Unite as one and overthrow tyranny.
Track Name: Ghosts of Revolution
Ghosts of Revolution,
Rise from your graves.
Refuse to be a victim
Of the government's persecution.

Burn, burn it down, down to the ground.

Blood runs through the streets,
As our mothers weep.
Raped by the institution,
We'll never give them absolution.

Children of Revolution, rise up.
Inalienable rights you must take back.
Round the troops and attack!

The irony of truth
Is that honesty is viewed through the
Prism of perception!

Hiding behind the stale words from a rotting book.
Peddling opinions as if they are fact.
Proselytize the weakest of minds.
Indoctrinate the masses.

Watching every move we make,
Listening to every word we say.
Invading our privacy,
Eroding) this democracy...

As satellites fill our skies,
Polluting the airwaves will their lies,
The rich are just getting richer.
The working class's ultimate demise.

We've forgotten what made us great.
A nation steeped in misplaced hate.
Guided by an evil compass,
Perpetuating a nanny state.

Transcription of every interaction
Challenges the notion of freedom.
Orwellian predictions coming to fruition...
Track Name: Blood of Our Rulers
Buried deep inside is a hidden nation of lies.
Built on a foundation of digital shadows and spies.
Ignore, forget, pretend the dangers
Aren't a dictatorship in disguise.
Cluelessly defiled, watch as your aspirations putrefy.

Behind closed doors they judge you,
And then they forever seal your fate.
There is no turning back now,
And we only have ourselves to blame.

We stand by idly
While their lives rot away and our sick, poor, and children die.
"Come fight the machine with me," he said.
"This gun is all you need, let's burn this mother fucker down!"

Blood of our rulers,
Ambrosia of liberty!

Chained, starved and beaten,
Textbook judicial atrocity.
Chained, starved, beaten.
This is how they die, this is how we die.

These reveries of democracy are the epitome of hypocrisy.
Left and right are just two sides of the same coin.

Bursting out the shadows, we charged.
This was our moment
But the bodies just kept piling up.

Victory was ours for the taking,
The bombs bursted, the ground was shaking.
"The broad stripes and bright stars were gallantly streaming,
O'er the home of the brave, and land of the free!"

This is an anthem for the histories.
Drink deep the ichor of our enemies.

There is no refuge.
Only the certainty of a soldier's death.
Honored by few, forgotten many.
Fetid, decaying, disgraced, and withering away.

Was it worth the sacrifice of your sanity?
No matter how hard we try, it's bound to repeat itself in history.
Give up, retreat and yield.
Inevitable political slavery.
This illusion democracy,
Eternal master of destiny.

Give up.