Exorcise Your Rights

from by Spectres



Drowning in depression.
Struggling to control inhibitions.
Crushing those that surround me
Losing everything for nothing

Twisting words of dead men
Doesn't make a wise man.
Spitting vitriolic falsehoods,
Power breeding corruption.

Exorcise your rights.
Take up your banner
And join in the fight.
Exorcise your rights,
Stand on your box
and speak your mind.

Withered away and dying
Choking the life out of society.
It's pulling me in,
It's dragging us down,
It's everywhere and all around.
Embrace the glorious spin machine.

We have lost our way...
Forgotten dreams, cast away.
A nation led astray,
Believing whoever pays.

You traded the truth for the same old song.
Just a pawn in the game of thrones.
Never mind the deadly consequence,
They won't miss you when you're gone and dead.

Bow your heads,
And join your hands
In worship of the greatest lie ever told.
Every day we, protect the depraved
While we hide behind the illusion of a creator.

Free yourself from the chains of your hateful god.

Ween the masses off their opiate.
Educate the ignorant.
Break the cycle of demise.
Open your eyes, free your mind.



from Ghosts of Revolution, released July 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Spectres San Jose, California

Two dudes, one band.

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