Tremble Before Us

from by Spectres



Lies are these isolating forces that deepen the divide between the left and right.
War in our living rooms.
We're dumbing down our minds, while letting them decide.

Now cower in fear,
Believing all that you hear.
Terror, everywhere.
(Where) is our courage?
Herded like sheep by unscrupulous men,
Who profit off our skin,
While living a life of opulence and consumption.

No one said it was fair,
But this is politics.
And they're the ones on fucking top.

You, you've betrayed us!
You stole our lives and squandered our trust!
You, You sold us out...

Bleed this world of all that is righteous.
Desecrate what we hold sacred.
Our voice,
Our freedom.

An alliance most surreptitious,
Press and politician,
An incestuous violation
Of the constitution of this nation.
Regurgitated excrement
Flowing down from the very top.

You, you've betrayed me!
You stole my life and squandered my trust!
You, You sold us out...

Take control of your plight!
It's the springtime...
Awake and fight!
The world trembles before you...

Throw down your arms
And march by my side!

As we bring about change
And educate the minds of a population that's starving for knowledge,
Opportunity and purpose.
Ignorance is only bliss until
We are suffocated by the violence of a fascist regime.

Dehumanize society's marginalized.
Militarize and hyper-religify.
A diabolical contrivance of coercion.
Sensationalize the nation's moral demise.
Focus your eyes on the lives of contrived wives.
Millions will die
and be buried alive,
Broadcasted live
and prominently advertised
Before your eyes.

All I ever wanted was some peace and quiet,
But now you've forced my hand.
Armed with only hatred,
Red is all I see,
As I ride in to the grave...



from Ghosts of Revolution, released July 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Spectres San Jose, California

Two dudes, one band.

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